Veterans Funeral Benefits

Veterans Funeral Benefits and Beinhaur

Veterans Funeral Benefits and Beinhaur

These benefits are offered to qualifying veterans by the federal government. Beinhauer’s can relieve the burden of filing for these benefits by completing and submitting the paperwork on behalf of your family. In conjunction with the federal benefits, many local county organizations offer even more benefits that Beinhauer’s can obtain for you and your family.

Marker or Medallion

For those Veterans who are deemed eligible, the United States government will furnish an upright granite or marble monument or flat bronze, marble or granite marker for the grave of a deceased Veteran. For those Veterans who choose to purchase their own marker, a bronze medallion can be ordered and affixed to the marker they have purchased. Please ask your funeral director if you loved one qualifies for the county benefit which aides in payment of the cost of the installation of this marker or medallion.

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